Why Diets Don’t Work

Fructose is Why Diets Don’t Work

The problem why diets don’t work is people fail to change their eating habits and eat high fructose foods after their diet. Dr. Robet Lustig, M.D. and nutrition expert, says diets that eliminate fructose work. Please watch Robert’s video, The Bitter Truth. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, do not eat or drink sugary foods. For example, stop consuming foods high in sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). 

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To lose weight permanently, stop drinking sodas and fruit juices. Alcohol is fermented sugar. Drinking soda, beer, or wine all have the same effect, making you fat. If you want to achieve a healthy weight, do not consume alcoholic beverages.

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How one soda per day makes you fat

If you are like most sedentary Americans who do not walk at least 30 minutes per day, one soda/day can make you fat. By regularly drinking just one can of soda and living a sedentary lifestyle, you will likely gain fat. How much fat will you gain?

One can of soda/day = 150 calories x 365 days/yr divided by 3500 calories/lb is 15.6 pounds of fat per year. On the other hand, if you stop drinking one soda/day, you can lose 15.6 pounds of fat a year. However, if you consume more than one 12-ounce can of soda/day, you can gain a lot more.

Consuming a 20 oz bottle of Cola-Cola/day (or other soft drink) equates to gaining 26 pounds of fat per year. Furthermore, if you stop drinking two 20 oz soft drinks/day, you could lose over fifty pounds of fat a year!

Why Diets Don't Work - Ultra-Processed carbonated drink
Consumption of sugary drinks like soda makes you fat.

If you are obese, please read the article Artificial Sweeteners and Obesity.

Why Diets Don’t Work

The reason why diets don’t work is you consume sweets or alcohol after your diet. For permanent weight loss, please stop eating and drinking surgery foods and drinks. If you go back to sugar and alcohol consumption, you will gain the weight back. 


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