Sugar Minus Fiber Differential

Sugar minus dietary fiber differential is the difference between sugar and fiber in a food. You can calculate a food’s Sugar Fiber Differential (SFD) by subtracting dietary fiber from sugar. When comparing different carbohydrate foods with the same weight (100 grams), Big Weight Loss uses the SFD as the Weight Loss (WL) ranking.

Alternatively, you can calculate the SFD of foods with different weights by first standardizing the sugar and fiber weights into serving-size percentages. You divide sugar by serving-size to calculate the percentage of sugar per serving. Then divide fiber by serving-size to calculate the percentage of fiber per serving. Finally, the difference between percentages of sugar and fiber is the Sugar Fiber Differential. The SFD of each food becomes a WL Ranking.

For example, Honey Crisp and Mcintosh apple serving sizes are 154 grams, sugar 16 grams, and fiber 4.9 grams. Percent sugar 10.4% and percent fiber 3.2%. The difference between 10.4% sugar and 3.2% fiber is 7.2, the SFD and WL Ranking. Discover the best apples for weight loss.

Sugar Minus Fiber Differential - Honey Crisp Apple

Health Benefits of Sugar Minus Fiber Differential (SFD)

Using the formula sugar minus fiber, you can calculate a food’s weight loss (WL) Rankings. This formula is particularly beneficial for ranking foods high in carbohydrates. For example, Big Weight Loss recommends using the SFD formula on vegetables, fruits, and grains.

The SFD calculation and WL Ranking of foods show the amounts of sugar relative to fiber. Food that has the least sugar and most fiber has the lowest WL Ranking (negative SFD). Conversely, food with the most sugar and least fiber has the highest WL Ranking (positive SFD).

By choosing foods with the lowest Weigh Loss Ranking (negative SFD), you get health benefits from eating low sugar and high fiber foods. On the other hand, you also get health benefits by avoiding high sugar and low fiber foods.

Senior Man healthy weight with apple in hand
Senior man with healthy weight and an apple in hand.


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