Why America is Fatter Than Ever

For decades transnational “big food” corporations have produced ultra-processed foods and drinks leading to increased obesity in America. Studies show artificial sweeteners increase abdominal fat in people with obesity. Most recent data from the CDC reports 42.4% of adult Americans are obese.

Obesity in America

There are over 100 million obese adults in the United States, and over 20 million are severely obese adults. Furthermore, the age group with the highest obesity rate in America is middle-aged adults ages 40-59. Compared to all groups, African American have the highest obesity rates followed by Hispanic or Latino people. However, white Americans have the largest number of obese people.

Healthy Diet Recommendations

Big Weight Loss provides many healthy diet recommendations. For example, eat whole food which have dietary fiber, such as vegetables and some fruits. Furthermore, consume less starchy carbohydrates such as beans, potatoes, and grains. When you eat starchy carbs, make sure they are 100% whole-grain foods, such as whole oats, barley, and rice.

Tickets and Restrictions

The Big Weight Loss Zoom Meeting is limited to 100 tickets. You can choose from paid tickets that give you speaking rights or free participant tickets without speaking rights.