Fiber for Weight Loss

A high fiber diet may help to promote weight loss in people with obesity. Fiber has many health benefits, especially for obese people. Eating certain fibrous carbohydrates can make you feel full, and help you avoid overconsumption.  

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For example, 44 randomized controlled trials found the dietary fiber found in whole oats (beta-glucan) improves satiety. The trail also found whole-grain rye enhances satiety. You can eat whole-grain oatmeal or rye bread to reduce your hunger (PubMed).

However, the soluble fiber pectin found in the skin of fruit such as apples does not reduce satiety. Likewise, resistant starch found in beans and bananas also does not reduce satiety. Thus, if you want to feel full after a meal, eat whole oats or rye to satisfy your hunger. 


Fiber for weight loss whole grain rye bread
Eat whole-grain rye bread to satisfy your hunger

A Brief History of Obesity and Low Dietary Fiber

Burkitt and Trowell first proposed the link between obesity and low dietary fiber in Western society in 1975 (NAASO, 1995). Furthermore, Cleave suggested that obesity is due to the replacement of unprocessed carbohydrates by “refined, low fiber foods.” In other words, obesity in America is the result of ultra-processed foods

This 1995 study examined the fiber intake of three groups of people. Each group contained 50 subjects with the following Body Mass Indexes (BMI):

  • Normal weight (BMI 20 – 27)
  • Moderately obese (BMI 27.1 – 39.9)
  • Severely obese (BMI 40 or more)

Based on a 3-day food record reviewed by a dietitian, the study found the following results: Normal weight subjects ate significantly more dietary fiber and less fat than moderately or severely obese groups.

Obese Women under 40 eats oatmeal in kitchen
Learn how to cook high fiber whole oat oatmeal

Whole oat fiber found in oatmeal can help you reduce hunger and prevent overeating. Consumption of high fiber foods or fiber supplements can help you achieve weight loss.


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