Dextrose Powder for Fast Energy

Dextrose Powder for Fast Energy
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Dextrose Powder Quick Energy and Safer Than Sucrose

Dextrose powder is a simple sugar (monosaccharide) made from corn and chemically identical to glucose. According to SugarScience, “the body’s cells can use glucose directly for energy.” Thus, consuming dextrose will quickly raise your blood glucose level, giving you fast energy. Robert Lustig M.D. YouTube video (minute 31) shows 20% of glucose is processed by the liver making glycogen (non-toxic starch). The other 80% of glucose is processed by the rest of your body. 

However, sucrose (sugar) is a disaccharide (glucose + fructose), and your liver processes 100% of fructose. If you consume too much sugar, such as a 20-ounce coke (65 grams of high-fructose corn syrup), your liver can’t handle it. As a result, this excessive fructose produces risk factors for fatty liver disease, heart disease, and diabetes. 

Big Weight Loss recommends you consume dextrose powder; it’s safer than sucrose and other sweeteners that contain fructose. Furthermore, dextrose is absorbed in your body much faster than sucrose, so you get energy more quickly. However, please limit your consumption of dextrose to avoid weight gain.

Shift to Reduce Sugary Drinks with Water
Replace sugary drinks with water.

Maximum Daily Limit of Added Sugars

Dietary Guidelines at recommend you limit added sugars to 10 percent of calories. For example, the calorie needs of a moderately-active 41 – 50 old-year female are 2,000 calories. This female’s maximum daily sugar limit is 200 calories (10% of 2,000). 

The serving size of dextrose powder is two tablespoons (68 calories) and 35% daily value for a 2,000 calorie diet. Since it’s highly likely you will consume other sugars throughout the day; please limit your daily intake of dextrose to two tablespoons.

Dextrose less calories per gram than Sucrose

Sucrose has 3.9 calories (kcal) per gram. However, dextrose has only 3.4 calories (kcal) per gram. For example, you consume two tablespoons of dextrose (20 grams), which is 68 calories. In comparison, 20 grams of sucrose is 78 calories (10 calories more). 

Thus, substituting dextrose for sucrose will save you ten calories per serving and help you lose weight. Since sucrose is sweeter than dextrose, you might want to add more dextrose. Please limit your dextrose to two tablespoons.

However, if you chose to consume sugar (sucrose), you may gain fat. Consumption of fructose from sugar and corn syrup is why diets don’t work.

Sweeten your Coffee with Dextrose Powder and Milk

According to Statista, 63% of U.S. adults age 25 to 59 drink coffee, and almost 70% of seniors drink coffee. Furthermore, nearly half of younger adults age 18 to 24 drink coffee. Thus, coffee is a very popular drink in America. 

Since dextrose is less sweet than sucrose, you can add milk to your coffee to sweeten it. The sugar in milk is called lactose (disaccharide), and it’s composed of galactose and glucose (no fructose). Please add dextrose powder and milk to sweeten your coffee, and avoid artificial sweeteners if you are obese.


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