Best Beans for Weight Loss

Best Beans for Weight Loss - variety of beans

The best beans for weight loss are the ones you will eat which have the least sugar and most fiber. So check out our Beans Cooked Weight Loss (WL) Rankings chart. It shows popular beans in the United States and the grams of sugar and fiber per 100-gram serving size. Furthermore, the nutrition chart provides WL Ranking for twelve types of cooked beans.

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Best Beans for Weight Loss - Beans Cooked Weight Loss Ranking

Beans Cooked Weight Loss Rankings

In the chart, all bean serving sizes are the same at 100 grams. Therefore, WL Ranking equals the difference between sugar and fiber. You can calculate WL Ranking with the formula, Sugar – Fiber.

Since there is more fiber per serving than sugar, the WL Ranking is negative. Furthermore, the WL Ranking with the lowest number is a better bean for weight loss.

Best Weight Loss Beans

Beans with the lowest WL Rankings are Navy beans, Pinto Beans, and Black Beans. These beans have the least sugar and most fiber. The best bean with the lowest WL Ranking is navy beans.

However, buying beans you don’t like and not eating them will not help you lose weight. Therefore, discover the beans you like to eat, then use the chart to choose the bean with the lowest WL ranking.

Black-eyed Peas with spinach in bowel

Worst Weight Loss Beans

The beans with the highest sugar and lowest fiber are the worst cooked beans for weight loss. In our list of twelve popular beans, the following three beans have more sugar and less fiber per serving:

  • Soybeans – 3rd worst
  • Garbanzo Beans – 2nd worst
  • Black-Eyed Peas – the worst weight loss bean

If you want to eat these types of beans, consuming a smaller portion size will help you lose weight. You can cook beans and store most of them in plastic containers in your refrigerator. Then you can have a side of beans with a meal for the next three days.

Get the recipe to cook the black-eyed pea side dish shown in the photo. For a healthier meal, get this Ham and Navy Bean Soup recipe.

Bean Meal Planning

Beans are a starchy carbohydrate and a good source of protein. Big Weight Loss recommends 1/6 of your meal have starchy carbs. Furthermore, Big Weight Loss advises 1/3 of your meal have a high protein source such as beef, chicken, pork, or seafood. Thus, half your protein amount equals your starchy carbs amount. 

Nuts and Apples for Weight Loss

Besides eating healthy beans such as navy beans, pinto beans, and black beans, you can learn which nuts and apples are best to eat for weight loss.

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