Best Apples for Weight Loss

The best apples for weight loss are the ones you eat that have the least sugar and most fiber. There are many apple varieties, so you may want to buy some of the following and try them.

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  • Honey Crisp
  • Mcintosh
  • Golden Delicious
  • Granny Smith
  • Gala
  • Red Delicious
  • Fuji

Once you chose the apples you want to eat, use the Apple Weight Loss (WL) Rankings to determine which apple is best for weight loss.

Best Apples for Weight Loss - basket of apples

Best Apples for Weight Loss

Best Apple for Weight Loss - Apple Ranking Chart

The best apples for weight loss have the lowest WL Ranking. If you like eating sour Granny Smith apples, these apples have the lowest WL Ranking. WL Ranking is the difference between % sugar per serving and % fiber per serving call the Sugar Minus Fiber Differential. Thus, a lower WL Ranking has less sugar and more fiber, making it a healthier apple.

The Honey Crisp apple is very popular and has the second-lowest WL Ranking, making it the second healthiest apple. However, Honey Crisp is an apple most people will want to eat. Thus, it’s the best apple for WL.

Furthermore, the relatively small size of a whole Honey Crisp apple makes it best for WL.

Best Apples for Weight Loss - Honey Crisp Apple

Whole Apple Serving Sizes

When you compare serving sizes of whole apples, Honey Crisp and Mcintosh are the two smallest apples at 154 grams. Some people may prefer the taste of Mcintosh over Honey Crisp. In this case, Mcintosh in your best weight loss apple. Moreover, Honey Crisp and Mcintosh share the same WL Ranking of 7.2.

On the other hand, the largest whole apple serving sizes are Red Delicious and Fuji. These are big, sweet apples. If these are your favorites, I recommend cutting the apple into pieces and only eating part of it. For example, you might eat half and give the other half to a friend.

Mcintosh Apple

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What is the best apple for weight loss?
Which apple is the worst for weight loss?
What type of carbohydrate are apples?Apples are a carbohydrate.

Apple and other Fibrous Carbs

Apples are a fibrous carbohydrate. Big Weight Loss recommends fifty percent of your meal have fibrous carbs. For tasty meals, you can combine apples with other fibrous carbs such as berries and nuts


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